Hi y'all and Welcome

to a no frills, no frames, no flash site
I made this site primarily to share my family history research. So, on that note....
Come visit my Genealogy section.

Hello to the TRIPLETS!!!!
Pieter Christiaan, Isabella, and Alexander Francois are growing up and getting big!!! Congratulations to their folks, Ginny and Francois!

Daddy's Language Corner

The Olympic Torch came through my town Richmond!
I volunteered to help (balloon lady) and here are my pictures of the wonderful day and all the excitement!

*The bug is NOT a frill, he is an integral part of my personality as anybody who has known me since 1965 will tell you. Ok, ok, that he winks and taps now perhaps does constitute flash - so sue me. But there are NOT any frames on this site!


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